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Company Information

We as a firm cater the need of our clients beaded by our employees whom we nourish to the best of the ability , we believe as a tree cannot bear fruits if the barks are weak similarly a firm cannot succeed if the employees are not contented. Along with their daily requirements we seek to their health issues ranging from stress management sessions to other health insurances.


    Our business in life is not to get ahead in the context of others but ourselves. We are the ones who dream more than others , think practical .............. Expect more than others think possible . We can say our business is growing since we possess a growing revenue not just growing the number of people using a service. Our strategy is putting our money in a new ballpack that helps to generate revenue to enhance us to spend more money in future..

    We do not rely on today’s job with yesterday’s methods expecting to be in business tomorrow , we have an updated version of our ammunitions which trigger the work of our ideas..


    Our construction work consists of a sequence of refinement steps which are strictly followed by us ranging from “ Project Management” which comprises


Where we evaluate the business case in order to determine the feasibility of the project if it should be undertaken


Our planning envelopes the ethics in Project Management ranging from our unquestionable honesty, invariable responsibility to our respect in market and fairness in business. With a clear work breakdown structure which hyperlinks our communication plan helping us to avoid misunderstandings or conflict and easily execute our risk management plans embanking our foreseeability for lack of commitment resources.


A plan which cannot be put to execution is no plan at all, so for a fruitful execution our team ensures the tracking system setup , which update our project schedule and modification of project plan.


It is stimulated parallel to our execution phase focused on our measuring progress and performance to ensure that items are tracking with the project management plan


It is our speciality since we obtain our accomplishment report within the time frame.

mission and vision


A construction company works to earn the profit required to continually improve a company that employs the highest caliber people , constructs quality work , makes safety a priority and is recognised within the industry , and the community , for the quality of its organisation . For accomplishing this purpose we establish ourselves as a well organised firm structured for growth, and adaptive to change. We possess employess providing them with the best possible opportunities to use their skills as a result we receive quality work, constructed with a high degree of professionalism . We have build a cocoon of trust with our subcontractors and suppliers by treating them as partners with fairness and respect. Since our purpose is to serve the community which is the end user of everything we do. Because they deserve a quality product.


We started as chunks of the civilisation where our present is created from our viewed future then, which made it easy for us to predict our future since we ourselves created it. We focused on the big things of today while we were doing the small things as a result our small things of the past are aligned in the right direction for today . We are the ones who abhor the vaccum and design a structure which is invincible. Ethics are our chords stringed by our accountability and dedication resulting in our quality output based on trust and integrity


Compromise is the word which we are not familiar of, we do not limit to what seems possible or reasonable since it disconnects from what we truly want. We design what is invisible from the others perspective picturing even the slightest sequence of construction. Our only mission is to translate our vision into reality. Because for us there is only one bos and that are our clients, we don’t lead by pointing and telling them some place to go. We lead by going to a place and making a case followed by presenting them as a completed project over a platter to our clients.


Construction firm is not a predatory tiger to be shot. It is a healthy horse which pulls the sturdy wagon of development. It is specified that the company is known by its core value ; these are the things which cannot be seen since those things which can be seen are temporal but those which cannnot be seen are eternal and our path is ‘never do bad’ for others. We are true to what we do which reflects in our work because in our professionalism the rear view mirror is cleaner than our windshield. We work like a family bounded as a team which works rigorously for a different result each time we are put to task.


Our goals are simple and supple. We stay true to our core values.

Project collaboration is our middle name , it’s what we do in support with our team who work together to help us achieve success. We put 100% into everything we do. We believe that if it’s worth doing , it’s worth doing well.

Requirements often change but we optimistically complete the project on time since we always possess a plan B to accomplish our goal. To make sure the project cost does not spiral since before approval they are met by our employees on regular basis to access the progress of each critical task, to meet our requirements 100% . To follow our idea of detailed enough set of requirements.

Time boundation is the strict memo we sign with ourselves which helps us manage the expectations of our clients.

We are jewelled by a happy team which are periodically rewarded and recognised for their successful efforts. Since they are assigned work which complements their strengths and we conduct team building exercises to boost morale. To keep them energised and focused we conduct stress management seminars and other health insurances and as a result we have a team capable of achieving anything which will continue.